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Friday, May 21, 2010


My kid is strange.

Don't believe me? Here's a little evidence.

His favorite thing to do with his grandma, Matt's mom, (and anyone else who will pretend with him) is play "sleepover". She doesn't mind playing along, but he makes her sleep on the floor in his room.

Then there was the day I found his bear "playing" Wii.

And the morning I found his underwear on his doorknob. Not sure what this was about. (Also, I so need to repaint our doors.)

We went to the park with my mom, and he wanted her to be the "grumpy old troll". She had to ask him riddles, so he could cross. (Anyone else know what this is from? My sympathies if you do.)

And last night I went to get a cookie after Zachariah had gone to bed. This is what I found.*

What is wrong with my kid? Please tell me that your kids do strange things like this too!

*I was telling Matt about the cookie thing tonight. Zachariah overheard and said he was hungry one day when I was in the shower, so he got a cookie but he wasn't hungry enough to eat the whole thing. Ha! (It did totally crack me up when I found half a cookie put back in the container.)


kristi said...

Ha...verrry cute!

Fran said...

Your kid is adorable, and not really so strange..I could tell you some stories!!
PS--I LOATHE's awful!!

d e v a n said...

hehe - kids are so funny!

2Forgetful said...

Great, now the song in my head is "I'm the grumpy old troolllllll, who lives under the bridddggeee."

Kids are so funny and the bear playing Wii is hilarious. Love it!

mamashine said...

If you want to come over, all you hafta do is thiiiiiisssss, all you hafta do is this.... SOLVE MY RIDDLE.