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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sheer Exhaustion

What did you do this weekend? My parents begged to take Zachariah for a few days. Even though Matt and I didn't have plans, I didn't see any harm in letting Zachariah go. So off he went to stay with grandparents.

Matt and I ended up going to pick up my laptop (YAY! It's back!) and then stopped for a quick dinner. And since we had nothing to do after that we went out for ice cream. And Sunday we went out with friends after church (not something we'd do with a toddler who needs a nap).

Speaking of naps, I should be honest. The very first thing we did after my parents left with Zachariah was take a 3 hour nap! Boy, that was nice.

Monday we walked around the mall for a while and a few other stores. Then we just relaxed and enjoyed the quiet at home. It was nice to have a peaceful weekend. No one else to worry about. No children running around being noisy either.

My mom returned Zachariah on Monday afternoon, so I spent the rest of the day playing with him and talking about all the fun things he did without us. And after supper this is what we had:

One tired kid! Just for the record he has never fallen asleep like that. This kid only sleeps in his bed and once in a while in the car on a long ride when he's really worn out. All I have to say is this was pure exhaustion.
After taking pictures of him falling asleep at the table, I picked him up and rocked him for an hour and a half (bottom picture of him in my lap). I thought he'd wake up a bit before bed, but he really didn't. So Matt helped me get him dressed and we just put him straight to bed.
Poor kid was whipped!


The Workman Family said...

Aw, what a nice weekend!

Deleted said...

OMG He is absolutely adorable, what a nice treat for your parents to do. Looks like he loved it! :)

Oh I got the DVD today, It looks great!!! Thanks so much,

Pam said...

WOW, they must have worn him out - and that takes some doing I know.
Glad you had a fun and restful weekend.