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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Help, I can't decide

I recently won a contest that Sarah held on her blog. What did I win? Well, I won an awesome nursing cover from Beth at Valley Momma Boutique. Her nursing covers are really neat, so I'm quite excited to have won one. I'm not currently nursing, and I won't be nursing in the near future. But we do plan to have more babies in the future (hopefully soon), and I plan to nurse them.

The problem is that Beth has SO many neat fabrics to chose from. I'd like to get a cover that has two different fabrics. I have a few that I really like together. And there are a few fabrics that I really like, but I can't find something great for the other side. Maybe I should just pick the two fabrics that I like the best even if they don't match. Ahh, I need help.

OK, here are her fabric options. What would you pick?
Here are some options for me:
1) p7 RK Another IOTA Circles & p7 RK Funky Squares
2) p5 MM Far Out Floral Spa & p4 MM Bubble Blast
And here are some other fabrics that I really love, but I don't know what to pair them with (or I'm concerned about them being too boyish/girlish):
1) p1 AB Coriander Blue
2) p5 MM Esmerelda

I better stop there. I have a list of about 20 more that I like to. So, what would you choose if you were me? Any suggestions that I haven't mentioned yet?


Anonymous said...

If you go with the IOTA circles, get the IOTA squares on the back. The colors are the same and will look better together than the Funky Squares.

Personally, I love the Free Spririt Charming Red Drops and Charming Red Flowers together.(pg 7)

d e v a n said...

Ah, so many to choose from! I like the orange stripes on pg 7 as well. I like the circles OR squares, but not together.

Mommy Daisy said...

Erica- Yes, good suggestion, I like those squares with the circles too. And oooh, I like the Red Drops and Red Flowers a lot. But I'm not a red sort of girl, so I don't know how long I'd still like it. Oh well.

Devan- The orange stripes are cute too, but I don't usually do orange either. Hmm. Would you just do a solid print with one of the patterns then? This is what I'm trying to decide. But I kind of like the idea of having 2 sides to chose from.

Kelsey said...

I would either do a solid with a pattern you like, or do a simple (maybe small scale pattern) on the other side of a more bold pattern. Does that make sense?

I wouldn't worry too much about the boy/girl thing, since you are the one wearing it. You may just want to shy away from anything super duper pink.

Valley Momma said...

I've stumped you with all my fabric... heh heh heh... I need to update the darn page... I have some more that I need to list and a few I need to remove... I am out of those red drops one and the orange stripe. :)

I can also order any fabric you want for the other side if you still can't decide. :) There- I've made it EVEN harder for you! :)

Sarah said...

I really liked your first option, personally. Feminine and fun enough for YOU, but not uber-feminine if you should be nursing a boy.

2Forgetful said...
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2Forgetful said...

I like the AB Coriander Blue with a plan brown backing. But your first two choices are great too. (Wow, that's a lot of fabric to choose from!!)

I would pick something that goes with a lot of the colors you wear.

Nowheymama said...

I don't think it matters if the two sides match. If you choose different colors, you could wear it with anything.

Valley Momma said...

hey -just so everyone doesn't think I have TONS of fabric laying around -- most of that I only have a yard, maybe less of. :) I only wish I had the $$$ and the space to have more of each piece!