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Friday, February 15, 2008

Sad, heart-breaking really

I don't tutor on Fridays. I don't tutor late. But this week things were different. I worked late last night, because we were short-staffed. I went in for just a few minutes today, because I agreed to make a cake for a Sweet 16 party for one of our girls. While I was there today, I found out that only an hour (or less) after I left the apartment complex there was a shooting. One of our 15-year-old students was shot. I am more sad and scared than you can imagine.

I'm sad that this happened. I'm scared that it happened. Am I scared to go back to a place where I've worked for 4 years? No. Am I scared to take my son with me? Not really. OK, maybe a teeny tiny bit more now. What really scares me is that I left late that night. Less than an hour before this happened. I'm sad because I know this boy. He doesn't come in for our after-school program, but I see him around often. He also helped us a lot this summer. And I know his younger sisters well, since I work with all three of them.

The boy is OK for now. I don't know how serious his injuries are, but I know that he had surgery to repair damage done to his colon and bladder (maybe stomach too). I know he was shot in the back. I know this family is already dealing with more than their share of issues. They lost their mother 6 years ago and now live with their grandmother (and whoever else of the family lives there). I just pray for this family that things will work out. I pray that the boy is OK. I pray that he will heal quickly. I pray that the person(s) responsible will be caught.

I decided not to link to local articles about this boy, because it would give away too much about where I live and tutor. But if you're someone who regularly reads this blog (and I feel like I know you) or you know me in real life, I'd be happy to give you the links via e-mail. And I'd be happy to keep you updated with what's happen. I know that the police have no suspects. I know they haven't had a chance to talk to the boy. I hope he can help them, and I pray that justice is served.


d e v a n said...

How scary and sad! Sending a prayer for them and for you.

Sarah said...

Oh, I'm sorry! How awful. What is UP with all the shootings lately, here and everywhere else in this country? What is wrong with people? It makes me terrified, and also just sad.

Anonymous said...

That is just awful. Poor boy and his poor family.

Saly said...

That is so horrible. I feel for his family.

Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

OMG. Prayers. Lots of them.