Monday, November 22, 2010

A weekend away.

Becky, you're awesome! You nailed it. That was indeed Giordano's Pizza in that last post.

We spent last weekend in Chicago. We had tickets to the Toy & Game Fair. It was pretty fun. There were some neat toys and things that Zachariah enjoyed playing with. And we really liked all the interested games that we saw. I'm hoping that I can make contact with a few of the companies to highlight them on the review blog.

So since we were already at Navy Pier, we took the opportunity to visit Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. for lunch that day. Mmm, it's always so good. Matt had never been to the one in Chicago, so that was fun to take him and Zachariah there.

We also met a really friendly bum in Chicago. So if you ever find yourself lost near Michigan Ave. and Water St., just go down toward the Metra underground. I didn't catch his name, but he tells us that people get lost looking for it all the time and he's happy to help them out. Ha ha! He was funny!

So, what did you do this weekend.


Midwest Mommy said...

Glad you met a safe bum down there, lol!

Becky said...

Hahaaa, I have pictures of Giordano's pizza from BlogHer last year - I'd recognize it anywhere!

Jana said...

Fun weekend!

Lindsay said...

Hi there,
My name is Lindsay and I'm the social media manager for Landry's, Inc., the proprietor of Bubba Gump Shrimp. We're so glad that you had a good time at Navy Pier!

On a personal note, I'm from Chicago and I actually know EXACTLY which homeless fellow you're talking about. Small world.

We're always looking to touch base with great mom bloggers. Glad to have found you!