Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I have to tell you something. I have the pokiest kid in the world! No, really! You think your kid pokes? Mine could beat your pokey kid with even more pokiness.

My son is almost never in a hurry. He takes his grand old time eating meals. And he likes to eat, so this takes up a big chunk of his day. He takes a long drawn out baths. Then he delays bedtime as much as possible.

Every time we need to leave the house, he's poking. When we're out and about, he's generally poking behind us.

This kid has one speed and only one speed....slow.

Most of the time this frustrated us to no end. Any ideas how to cure the pokies?

One person suggested a timer. I have used a time in the kitchen. It seems to help sometimes. I'm wondering if buying a little kitchen time would help out. I am willing to give it a try. But I'm open to other ideas too.


Jana said...

I'm interested to see what others suggest since I also have a pokey kid. Drives me nuts!

MightyMom said...

my pokey eater was also a hungry boy.

so, when he'd been at table for 20 min he was DONE matter how much or little he'd gotten down.

This is realistic, not abuse, school will only allow about 20 min to eat.

He got the point and now (at age 7) is the fastest eater we have!

We're in the process of implementing same policy for Miss Pokiness herself. (age 3).

Also helps to have a "2 minute warning" for things. but the trick is you have to stick to it!!! 2 minutes is TWO MINUTES, not 2 minutes plus the time it takes to finish a, b, or c. If that means he goes to the store barefoot so be it. cold toes are another good motivator.


lemme know if you conquer the pokiness.