Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Loose Ends

I spent most of my free time today tying up loose ends...literally. I had several crochet and knitting projects that needed finished up. I'm so bad about starting things, getting them mostly finished, then leaving them sit.

I put the buttons on a Santa suit I crocheted for my nephew. I sewed together a mini-sock monkey ornament. I sorted some old yarn. I made pompoms for two hats that needed them.

That among other little things. I need to take pictures for proof of my adorable new projects.

Right now I'm working on a crocheted afghan for my sister's Christmas gift. She's been after me for about 2 years to make her one. And it should be done soon!

I love being able to finish so many things at once. But I think my list of new projects I want to start is getting too long.

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MightyMom said...

I had to put a moratorium on new projects other than the absolutely necessary things (like baby shower blankies and Halloween costumes) about 2 years ago. and I'm STILL working on that list of UFOs!!