Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Adult Fears

Do you have adult fears? No, not just fears about being an adult....though that is still scary to me once in a while. (When did I become grown up and have to handle all these grown up things? Why does this kid think I know so much? And since when did so many people depend on me and the decisions I make? Really?)

Sorry, back on track here.

No, do you have any fears that didn't bug you before, but the older you get the worse they seem to get? Or is it just me?

I totally have a fear (though fairly mild) of heights. I don't know when it started, but I've really noticed it more and more in the last few years. Sometimes it really bugs me, and other occasions I don't notice quite so much. But it's more on the "bugs me" side than not.

Last fall Matt & I went to see the Indianapolis Colts. Coming into their HUGE stadium there are open escalators to the upper levels. Going up them, you can see out over the field. It's really cool. Except that once I got on I didn't like it. I got on the escalator, got dizzy and almost fell over backwards. Fortunately, Matt was behind me and I did make it up. It was a strange feeling. And we sat up in the tippy top of the stadium (I'm sure Matt would make me clarify that we were really one row down from the top) and I felt a little light-headed the whole time. It was strange. I could deal with it, but something in me did not like that height.

The other place I've noticed is driving up an off-ramp from the interstate not far from here. (I was on it tonight which is what got me thinking.) It's a long ramp that has a bug turn in it. What bothers me is that it's up and open underneath. It's more like a bridge (which I don't normally have problems with), and there is no ground directly underneath the road. I think the combination of that and the big UP is what bothers me. I just don't like it. I've gone over it many times. It's never fun. It just makes me feel funny.

Do you have any strange things like that bother you? Ehh, it's probably just me.


MightyMom said...

I don't like heights at all....especially those things you mentioned.

you might seriously see a doc just to make sure there's not fluid in your ears or something if it's getting worse. If you're sitting still in a high place and are fine....yet the motion of the escalator/ramp plus the height make you dizzy that's more a physical thing than a fear.

MightyMom said...

oh and pregnancy causes changes in our bodies that you wouldn't believe possible!! so no, it's not just you.

Matt said...

I totally fear driving through underwater tunnels! hee hee...I think you know that though! Love you...fears and all!

Sarah said...

I have always been very paranoid about the idea of insects or rodents in the house. I used to check my sheets every night to make sure there were no spiders lurking, even though I'd never once found one.
And we all know my fear of mice has not improved whatsoever... I'd say if anything those fears are even worse with age. After this recent mouse experience (STILL not over, either, we just found one in a trap this morning) I think I can say with some assurance I will probably be a little flinchy about mice for the rest of my life.

Kalendi said...

Heights, and heights, and heights. And going downhill fast like on skis or a bicycle

d e v a n said...

Most of my fears are related to my kids, and keeping them safe, etc. I do have an extremely irrational fear of the dark though.

Saly said...

Since having kids, I am wierdly afraid of any sort of thrill ride or especially sledding. I lost all my guts.

I am also afraid of bridges, like hardcore. Only driving briges, and only those with low edges or over bodies of water.