Saturday, November 27, 2010


Anyone want a 10 (almost 11) year old dog. He's a beautiful black and white cocker spaniel. But I have to warn you, he can be a bit of a brat.

OK, OK, so we probably really aren't going to get rid of the dog, but Matt & I might entertain an offer on him tonight.

We got home this afternoon from a few days away with our families. Generally we keep Chip (the dog in question here) in our fenced in back yard. But when he's at my parents' house he roams free, because they live in the country set back off the road. He's always stayed around the house anyway. Mostly he prefers being inside to outside.

When we got out of the car at home, we just open the door and let Chip out. He always heads straight for the house. Then he usually begs by his water dish until we fill it.  Tonight we left the front door propped open, because we had to haul in parts of twin beds that we brought from my parents' house (one for Zachariah...more on that later this week perhaps).

After bringing in most of the bed and the other things from the truck, I noticed I not longer saw Chip in the house. He usually stays nearby the window or doorway until we're done. Zachariah was playing quietly in his room and the rest of the house was quiet. We checked Chip's crate, where he sometimes waits for us, but he was not there nor anywhere else in the house. I took off outside, because he has wandered off the the neighbor's before when he escaped once. As soon as I got to the front of our yard, I saw movement in our neighbor's side yard...the neighbors across the street! I yelled, but he didn't come. Then I waited for 3 or 4 cars to go by on the road before running over there to grab him.

I called for him and ran towards him. That silly dog took one look at me and took off running the other way. By this point Matt had come outside from searching the house and saw I had seen Chip. He came running with me and Chip just kept running through the neighborhood.

Matt finally got him to stop and cornered him about 5 houses down. He picked him up and carried him about half-way, then I carried him the rest of the way. (I think the running around and carrying a 35 lb dog just about did him in since he's not feeling well.)

Grr, I can't believe him. I guess we'll keep a better eye on Chip or make him go to his crate when the door is open. I just couldn't believe he ran like that. Usually we can get him quickly if he gets out. But I thought for sure he was going to get hit by a car as traffic kept going by when I was chasing him. He tends to not pay attention to things like that, and he easily would have darted right in front of one.

So, for tonight only (ehh, maybe tomorrow too), if you make us a good offer, we might let you take our dog home.


Pam said...

I'll trade you for a dog that farts like a trooper and sleeps on your legs? No?

Anonymous said...

I have 2 very cute and clean (baths just 2 days ago) but farty loveable beasts to trade!