Sunday, May 4, 2008

Still here

I'm still around. I didn't mean to disappear for 3 days after I finished 2 months of NaBloPo month. But it did feel good not to use the computer as much for a while. I will say that April's NaBloPo was one of my favorites. It was fun and I think it caused me to be a touch more creative with my posts.

Some of my favorite posts in April were: about my relationship with Matt (before we were married); telling about my college life/non-life; memories and things from my youth; updating things I've left hanging on my blog (I'm thinking of doing this more often); Top 20/Bottom 10 (fun! I just wrote down things that came to mind. Nice for a random post); about my religion/church; and my memories (showing you some old photos of me - maybe I'll have some more in the future). I see that most of my favorites were suggestions that came from you, my readers. You guys rock!

Today my mom, sister (Rachel), and my grandmother came over. My mom had called Thursday morning and asked about coming. She was meeting my dad for lunch after church (before he left on business) then coming here. She told me she would check with Rachel and see if she'd like to come too. I thought it was a fun idea. Then the church service ran over. After that we had to load/unload some garage sale things for our upcoming small group garage sale (raising money for Matt's trip). By the time we were done with that I was concerned that they might be here before I got home. I called my mom and found out that they were still on the way...and she had grandma with her.

I love my grandma dearly, but.... When we got home I told Matt I tidied up the house, but I didn't clean it to "Grandma standards". You see, my grandmother doesn't have a filter between her brain and her mouth. I will admit that she's gotten better over the past few years since my grandfather has been gone, but still. This is the woman who once told me that my dog was "a cute kind of ugly" and she was "trying to ignore the mess" after she followed me into our messy office. So, I was afraid that my little bit of tidying might not be enough. After I fed Zachariah I quickly ran around the house and dusted, put away dishes, scrubbed anything I saw (minus walls & floors). Luckily I live with a cute, energetic toddler, and that's the main reason my family comes over to visit, and nothing was said about the house (which by the time they got here was looking pretty good).


Jana said...

Neither of my grandmothers had "filters", either. I wonder if it's a universal phenomenon?

desperate housewife said...

My personal theory is that once women pass menopause, they sort of lose/intentionally abandon all that sweetness and politeness they were taught all their lives. No more Miss Nice Guy! I'm saying what I think!
Jim's grandmother was EXACTLY this way. The first time she met me, which was the day we announced our engagement, she literally looked me up and down and said, "Well, at least she's pretty. And she seems to be tall! That's always a plus."
Um, HI! Nice to meet you, too! But she was hilarious, too, actually. She just always said what she thought!

Pam said...

My friend's grandmother was the same. When I had my hair cut really short once, she said "I don't care what they say, I like it!"
I hate tidying the house. If I had the money I'd hire a maid!

kristi said...

I run around cleaning like crazy before my Mom comes...she is very anal retentive about a clean house!