Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fun, fun

Today I am taking lunch from Fazoli's into the center where I tutor. I usually only go in for a few hours in he afternoon, so this will be fun to get together with everyone in a more relaxed time. It is a pretty easy going work environment, but it's fun just to eat and laugh with my friends there once in a while. Matt won lunch for 8 people by putting his business card into the fishbowl last time we ate there. He won the same thing less than a year ago and shared it with his office. So this time he decided to let me treat my coworkers. We only have about 7 people that work in my program regularly. It will be perfect. I go at 12:30 today to pick up pasta, salad, breadsticks, and drinks for 8. For FREE! Can't beat that. And last night I made a cheesecake to take in too. It's a cookie cheesecake (Oreos baked in it). I should go take pictures now to share with you later.

Yesterday Matt won tickets to see "Prince Caspian" from a radio station. I've had the movie release date marked on my calendar since before Christmas. I am so excited about this new movie. And I reread the entire Chronicles of Narnia book series in preparation for the new movie coming out. Then he won tickets, so now we can watch it for FREE. Matt rocks at winning things! We will be able to go out on Friday night (without a child) to see the movie. YEAH!

And Matt is signed up for another contest with the same radio station. They are giving away a BBQ grill, a side of beef, and an above ground pool. He signed up because he wants the side of beef. Ha. They were only going to qualify so many people who signed up, then they must be present at the time of the drawing to win. Well, less than 100 people qualified and he is one of them. AND he will already be at the Battle of the Businesses for his job, which is where they are drawing the winner. I think he has decent odds. What would we do with a pool? Yikes. Anyway....I'm just worried about his luck.


Nowheymama said...

You could sell the pool..?

Mommy Daisy said...

No Whey Mama- I thought about that too. But secretly, I'd LOVE a pool and am willing to put the work into one.

Saly said...

I would TOTALLY keep the pool!

I worked at Fazolli's in college, for a very short time. Sadly they did not last very long around here.

Kelsey said...

I will look forward to a review of Prince Caspian -- I was surprised how much I loved the first movie. I have been a fan of the Narnia books for a long time.

I'm currently feeling like it will be several lifetimes before I get to the movies again!

KatieBug said...

I read the Narnia series to my kids but I am worried that this movie might be too intense for them. Let us know how it is!

Jana said...

I love getting free things, although it doesn't happen very often. Maybe you could send some of your husband's good luck my direction?

Have fun on your date night!