Friday, May 9, 2008

Some of this...

1. We kicked off our garage sale today. Our small group is hosting it. They are helping raise money for Matt's mission's trip. The garage sale idea came up last fall when Matt had no money raised. By this time (before the garage sale) Matt has more than enough money raised. So we'll be able to do something extra for the Koutiala hospital with it.

We started getting things ready for the sale Thursday night. Matt went to help. I helped set things up and watch the sale for a while this morning. We decided Matt would go to help again tomorrow. We feel like one of us should be there, but keeping Zachariah there all day would not be good. And with gas prices up, we definitely don't need to drive two cars all the way to the location that's a 30 minute drive from our house. But it's going well, and I'm excited about that.

2. We were so busy today. I had to wake Zachariah up early this morning (which I rarely do) and he was not happy with me. He was awake right away, but he cried for a while when I told him we weren't going to church. (He figured that must be where we were going since I woke him up. That's about the only time I wake him up.)

3. Every time I log into my Google Reader, I feel overwhelmed. More often that not these past few days, I just close it right away. Sorry, I'm not trying to neglect your blogs. I think I just need to focus on other things. But I'm saving them, and I'll eventually catch up on reading and commenting on my friends' blogs.

4. We just bought a new(ish) full-sized bed. Our intention is to make room in our office (which is the 3rd bedroom) for the bed. Then it can act as a guest room. I've always thought we would use this as another bedroom someday (especially after I converted Zachariah's room to a nursery), so I'm happy Matt agreed. Plus now it means I get to go shop for new bedding (we don't already have full-sized bedding). Fun! Plus it will be fun to reorganize a room.

5. My sisters both came over this afternoon, and we had a great time. Then my parents came in the evening. What a fun day. Busy and tiring, but very fun. I have photos (only of the sisters being here) to share later.

6. Have a nice weekend. Are you doing anything fun?


d e v a n said...

Have a great weekend and a great Mother's Day!

Mommy Brain said...

Hope the garage sale went really well and raised a lot of money for the hospital.

I've been overwhelmed by my blog reader too these days. I go through periods where I have tons of time to read so I find new ones. Then I'll hit that wall where I have no time to read let alone comment and the poor reader just explodes.

Hope the third bedroom reorg goes well. I'm in the process of cleaning out our 3rd br but for less fun reasons like I have to be able to walk in it. We already have a full size bed stuffed in there.

So what did you do for Mother's day?