Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Same old

1. The messages in bottles continue to come. Each day there is a new one with a new love poem. They are always in places that I will find them with no problem. And I enjoy knowing there will be a new one each day.

2. My husband isn't the only romantic. Saturday on my way home from a friend's house, I stopped to get Matt a bouquet of beautiful purple tulips. He loved them. (OK, so I enjoy having them on my dining table too, but that wasn't the purpose.)

3. Zachariah has a great memory. One night last week when I was putting him to bed, I saw a spider on the wall beside his bed. I called Matt in to kill it. Then he went to sleep no problem. The next night as I was laying him down he was trying to tell me something about Daddy and pointing to something. I couldn't figure out what he was saying. Then it dawns on me, he said "Daddy... pida...wall". He wanted Daddy to kill the spider on the wall. I had to then convince him that there was not a spider on the wall tonight. Funny that he remembered it though.

4. I tried another new casserole recipe. I'll post it next week for my new recipe. We liked it.

5. Zachariah has a black eye. Have I told you that yet? Poor guy, everyone asks him about it. He points to his eye and makes a pouty face, then says "bauck" meaning "black". Ha ha. He even told Grandma about it on the phone last night.

6. Speaking of grandmas. Happy 49th Birthday to my mom! It was yesterday. She didn't get to go out to dinner with my dad, because the roads were a mess with all the snow we got yesterday. He still stopped at her favorite Chinese restaurant on his way home and got dinner for them. He's so sweet. I'm sure he'll make it up to her this weekend and take her somewhere really nice. (My dad is the type of guy I always wanted to find for myself. I don't think I did too badly.)

7. I've been trying to read a book a week. I'm doing well. I love to read, but I normally go in spurts. I'll read lots and lots of books, then I won't read for a month. I want to keep this up all year. And I want to expand my reading horizons. I'll be posting more about that some other time, because I'll need your help and suggestions.

8. A new season of Big Brother started last night. Yeah! My best friend and I love that show. We talk about it all the time while it's on. And we don't usually agree on our favorites, so we argue about it too. It's great fun.

9. I saw on KatieBug's blog that someone commented about making homemade Samoa cookies. What? Awesome! I'm going to try them! I'll let you know what I think.

10. Do you have plans for Valentine's day tomorrow? Do you give gifts to your kids? What do you give? Matt has something planned for this weekend. We don't have any babysitters here, and it's hard for us to take Zac out during the week. So, we'll do something later. I haven't gotten anyone anything yet. I think I'll get Zachariah a little box of chocolates.


d e v a n said...

1 - Awww! Also, jealous.

6 - Happy Bday to your mom!

8 - LOVE BB!!

9 - YUM! I bought 4 boxes of those.You'll have to let us know how it goes.

10 - no plans. i'll probably make heart pancakes and a special dinner. I've been leaving D love notes all week. The kids don't know what V day is about but they'll enjoy pancakes. lol

Misty said...

Poor Zachariah!

Let me know about the Samoas... this is quite exciting news...

your husband rocks. Spiders and romance...

Jana said...

2. Purple tulips! I love tulips - lucky guy!
5. Poor thing - how did he get a black eye?
6. Happy Birthday!
7. Good for you with the reading....any recommendations?
9. Yum - those are my favorites.
10. Sydney is getting a tiny box of chocolates and a desperately needed set of new sheets (princess-themed, of course), Liam is getting a little truck and my Beatles loving husband is getting the "Across the Universe" DVD. I'm also making cheesecake stuffed, chocolate covered strawberries as our dessert. Yum!

Hope you have a great Valentine's Day!

Saly said...

Hommeade Samoas?? I am all over that!!

Sounds like you and Matt are going to have a great day.