Friday, February 15, 2008

Other local news

A boy from our area is one of the American Idol top 24! I saw his name and knew that I knew him. He was in the 5th grade class that I did my student teaching with. I haven't seen him in years, and of course he's changed so much. It sounds like he's still a smart grounded boy like he always was. I need to see if I have any pictures of him from his elementary years. Eeee, now I have a reason to watch and vote for American Idol this year. (I don't normally pay much attention unless there is nothing else on and we stumble upon it. But we did watch Season 2 religiously and parts of Season 3. That's it.)

So, go check out his AI site, and vote vote vote for him. :)

For the record his hair was short and spiky when I knew him. I think he hasn't cut it since I knew him in 5th grade.


K in the Mirror said...

It's nice to have a reason to pay more attention to him- I've watched every show this season and I swear I never saw him before the top 24 was announced. He got no screen time. Now I'll look at him more closely. :)

andria said...

I'll vote for him.

My picks didn't make the top 24 so I need someone to root for.

Saly said...

That's so cool!!

d e v a n said...


Jana said...

I'm going to start watching more closely....what a neat connection!