Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Busy busy

We are 3 days away from Zachariah's birthday party. Last year I was very organized and had everything planned weeks/months in advance. And it wasn't even a big party. This year, uh, we almost forgot to plan the party. I didn't send out invitations, because we waited too long to decide where and what time to have it. So, I've been calling family (many who knew the date a while ago) and letting them know our plans. We decided to move the party to my parents' house. There is more room there, and it's closer for everyone (except us). But it made more sense for us to be the only ones to drive that distance.

We took Zachariah out Monday looking for presents and ideas for a cake. (Nope, still haven't decided.) I was strongly leaning towards the tractor thing. He looked at the tractor cake supplies and gave me an uh-huh-that's-nice-mom kind of reaction. Then he saw cars "CARS!" and Elmo "MELMO!". Which lead him to saw "Monsta? Cookie Monsta?". Nope, no cookie monster things. Then he started asking for "Eam gurk?" which means "teamwork" with means Wonder Pets. Nope, no Wonder Pets. Ahh. So we kept looking. The two places I looked for gifts didn't have much at all. Maybe they haven't restocked since Christmas or something.

So, no cake idea. And no presents. I spent the rest of the day Monday looking online for cake ideas. I found things for Elmo, Cookie Monster, and of course Wonder Pets. I did find a few do-able ideas, but I wasn't sure. Then I called my grandma to invite her to the party and my sister too. Zachariah heard me talking about his "birfday" on the phone and started saying "tractor tractor". Back to square one. I guess he has settled on a tractor theme. I found some cute ideas and was ready to get things for a tractor tonight. My mom called last night and saw a cute idea for a barn cake. Now I think I'm going to do that. And I'll buy a little toy tractor to place beside it (and then he can have a new tractor toy). So that settles the cake. (I'll be sure to take photos, because I have some great embellishment ideas.)

Presents. I have a few ideas and I'm hoping to get something tonight. I have my night out for choir tonight, and it's a good time to stop at the store by myself on the way home. So, we'll see what I can find, because time it running out.

I feel a bit frazzled, but I know it will all come together without too much craziness. Let's hope that Matt and Zachariah are both feeling better by Saturday too. (Matt came back home this morning sick. He is exhausted and has an upset stomach. Zachariah has a bit of a cold.) I'm still not sure why things got put off so badly this year, but I'm frantic and determined to get things back in order in my life. Time keeps ticking away.


desperate housewife said...

You'll pull it together. Addy's last two birthdays have been totally last minute affairs due to recovering from a miscarriage the week before her first birthday and then giving birth a month before her second! Poor kid. But they still turned out fine.
Happy birthday Zachariah!

Jana said...

Wow - I can't believe he's almost 2! I can't wait to see pictures of the tractor cake. I am so jealous of talented people who make their own birthday cakes.

d e v a n said...

It sounds like it will be fun!! Can't wait to see the cake!

Mommy Brain said...

Happy Birthday Zachariah! Don't get to crazy over his birthday party. :-)

Saly said...

Can't wait to see the cake---hope you've made a final decision!!!