Friday, February 29, 2008

Getting there

Well, the birthday preparations are well under way...practically finished on my part. I made the barn cake and some animal cupcakes, and they turned out great. Don't worry I'll post pictures later. I have the buns, I have the chips and other things, and we're packed and ready to go. Matt will be home from work soon, then we're off. We'll head up to my parents' house to stay overnight.

Tomorrow will hold many activities. Sledding, birthday party with cake and ice cream, presents, and dinner with family. I'm glad that my mother likes to over plan, because we're expecting somewhere between 20 -30 people tomorrow. And most of them are adults. But, nevertheless, it will be a fun time for everyone. I'm glad so many people will be there to celebrate with Zachariah. And I know he'll love all the attention.

I will catch up with you tomorrow. Have a great weekend.


Shannon said...

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!! Please take lots and lots photos!

Erica said...

I hope the party is super fun and that Zachariah is showered with love and attention. And good toys that don't make annoying noises!