Saturday, May 5, 2007


Today, Zachariah wanted to help Daddy. He had to be nearby watching his every move. When Matt took a load of sticks to the backyard, Zachariah wanted to follow. It was rather cute. And such a HUGE difference from when I posted about this.

It was a wonderful blessing to me to see my son enjoying "helping" his dad. And it may have been even better to see Matt enjoying spending time with his son. Even though he was still doing all the work. He let Zachariah ride on his lap while taking a load of sticks to the back. This was the most thrilled part of the day for the boy. He stayed outside with us for hours.

Here are some pictures I took documenting our morning. Enjoy.

This is what Zachariah thought after I told him he could not go outside and wait for daddy to come home. (He hadn't seen Daddy yet today, so he was really antsy.)

Then Daddy came home and brought doughnuts with him. Oh, the joy! Zachariah loved his first doughnut ever. I had to get the video camera out, it was so funny watching him. He kept saying "MMmmm" "Mmm". And he ate the whole thing in about 4 bites!

Daddy taking Zachariah for a ride was great. You can see that he was completely curious and enthralled with this new contraption.

Then Zachariah got to sit in the driver's seat. Oh boy!
And this...the moment that made a father proud. Zachariah wanted to go give him hugs before we came inside. We didn't think he'd ever let go. What a sweet boy.


Jennifer said...

My son is a total Daddy's boy. If Daddy is home, then I'm chopped liver! It's actually a nice break!

Very cute pics!

Devan said...

too cute. It's always nice to see Daddy bonding time. d is in the Ignore Mama club when D is around.

Kelsey said...

Doesn't it kind of melt away all the frustration they can both cause? When you see them be so loving to each other? It always seems to go that way in my house!

Black Sheeped said...

(I'm jealous of your grass. Mmm, grass.)

Cute, cute.

Mommy Brain said...

Oh that is just so cute!

Shauna said...

Great pictures! So sweet. I love the one with them on the mower. And of course, the hug. The sweet hug. Everyone all together now. Aww....