Monday, May 7, 2007

Gerber baby?

It's so hard to know how to react to another mother who is gushing praise over your own offspring. Do you immediately return the favor? Say thank you? Blush and run? Yeah, I'm not sure what to do either.

On Sunday another mother was going on and on about how adorable my son is. "He is sooo cute!" "And he's just such a sweet child." "He's happy and smiling all the time." "He should be a Gerber baby; he has the personality to match his adorable looks." She was saying all this while holding her son (who is the same age as mine). She almost didn't give me time to say anything. I did say Thank You. And I did try to talk to her son. But really, he wanted nothing to do with me. Actually he started climbing up her when I was talking to him. He thought I was trying to take him...oops.

This particular woman has 3 children. I only have 1. Maybe she just really likes adorable babies? Who doesn't? And I know my son is adorable, cute, charming, friendly, happy, loving,...OK enough. Maybe I'm the only person who doesn't know how to act in these situations. I don't really gush about other people's children. I guess I used to more before I had my own child. And I love babies, but they just aren't as appealing to me since I've had my own. When I see a baby, I really don't need to go try to hold them. I would rather just have another baby of my own to hold. This may change over time. It still is fun to hold babies. I did enjoy holding the darling baby girl who was being bestowed with gifts at a shower. And she got so many great little girl dresses and other frilly girly things. ;) Maybe that's just me wanting a girl of my own, too.


desperate housewife said...

That's funny. I always thought maybe I was the only woman who stopped caring so much about other people's cute kids once I had my own. They just pale in comparison. I can admire them from afar, in an objective way, but if they didn't come from my womb, there's just not the same blind love, is there? Also, there is no longer quite the intense yearning to have one of my own, so maybe that was part of what made every single baby seem so delicious to me before I was a mom myself.

Jennifer said...

This happens to me, also, and I never know what to say. And it always seems to happen when the other person's child is, uh, not so adorable!

Shauna said...

Yes, always uncomfortable. I say, "Thanks. I think s/he's the most adorable/cutest/smartest (pick appropriate adjective) thing in the world. But then again, I'm supposed to think that."

Seems to work well.

Bunny said...

Thank goodness, it's not just me! And actually? Shh, don't tell anyone, but now I think other people's kids are kind of icky and gross. The internet/blog kids are adorable! But the real life one behind me in line at Target? slimy and smelly.

Devan said...

I thought it was just me! But when someone with a child who is less than cute compliments your kid = what do you say?
LIE and return the favor, feeling fake and transparent the whole time?

OR say nothing and feel embarrassed that they will know their child is not as cute as yours.

Lose, lose as far as I'm concerned.