Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Love & Cuddles

Why does this child of mine have to tug on my heart so much? This morning for no apparent reason at all he decided to come have some cuddle time with momma. He brought his blankie and came over to be picked up. He snuggled right into my chest. Ahh, so sweet. So, I rocked and cuddled with him. He would sit up occasionally and look adoringly into my eyes. Then smile and snuggle back in. He did get down get a stuffed animal and come back to cuddle. He hugged the doggie and snuggled with him on me for a while too. It was one of those priceless, precious moments. If only this feeling would last the rest of the day. (It almost made me forget about the moment of outright defiance I had to deal with yesterday...almost.)


Jennifer said...

It's nice when they surprise us, huh? The sweet times are what keeps humans from eating their young!

Shauna said...

If there were no sweet moments, every child would be an only child. I wanna go hug my kids now.

Mommy Daisy said...

So true ladies, so very true!

I also think he was consoling me, since I spent the whole day with a terrible headache.