Saturday, May 26, 2007

Vacation - the second installment

So, we did have lots of fun on vacation. Zachariah enjoyed searching for shells in the sand once he got used to what they were, and then he thought they were OK to pick up. (Remember this is the child who doesn't normally like to get his hands dirty.) Shells = good clean fun...I guess.

Here is Zachariah on the beach in front of our house with his Grandma Barb, my mom, who I might add is looking very good these days. Well, she always looked good, but she's lost something like 20 pounds recently. Yeah Mom. Now I need to get to work too.
Zachariah sat and played in the sand a while. He figured out how to scoop the sand and put it in his bucket. The bucket was a thoughtful Easter gift from grandparents.
We went to a nice restaurant for dinner one night, then we walked out on the pier. This picture is from the top deck all the way at the end. Yikes, Matt made me really nervous when he was standing near the edge and then hoisted Zachariah up on his shoulders. Oh, my stomach went in knots. I told him not to do that anymore. ;)
Our favorite part of going to the beach is just seeing and hearing the sounds of the ocean. It's so lovely and amazing. Inspiring really. I could just sit on the beach for hours just staring and listening. Several mornings we saw a dozen or so dolphins not far off the shore. They are so neat to watch. I just love it. These are the things that bring us back to this place year after year.
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desperate housewife said...

MMM... I am so ready to go on a vacation! I am a dork and I really want to go to Williamsburg this year because it's the four hundredth anniversary of that settlement. I bet it will be really neat this summer. But I'd settle for going anywhere!