Thursday, May 3, 2007


This morning did not start out on a good note. I always change Zachariah's diaper as soon as I get him up, then I get him dressed for the day, and breakfast after that. Today he fought me about changing his diaper. He squirmed and wiggled and tried getting up. I really had to tackle him. After a few minutes of the struggle, I finally got him pinned down long enough to get the dirty diaper off and a new on one. Guess it's not love & cuddles today. And to make it worse...while he was fighting with me he stuck his foot in the poopy diaper. Ewww. :P I'm glad the rest of the day didn't carry on like that.

How am I going to change his diaper as he gets older and stronger. I just hope that I'll get stronger with him too. I know it has really helped my gain arm muscles since I've had him. All this lifting. And the weight slowly increases to give me a great workout.

I do have something more to say about the young mother I told you about before. But I think I'll save that for another post all it's own.

Oh, I did get professional photos taken of Zachariah finally. I'll let you see them when I get them back in 3 weeks. They turned out pretty good. For now I'll leave you with this good picture. Honestly, I think this beats any of the photos we got today...but that's OK.


desperate housewife said...

Oh, I would enlarge and frame that picture, seriously. It's perfect!
As for the diaper wrestling, I hear ya, sister! Addy has had a horrid succession of diaper rashes, and as a result, even though she is better now, she loathes the changing table like the plague and screams and kicks and claws as soon as we lay her down. One morning I actually burst into tears trying to pin her down. She had done the whole dragging her feet through the poo thing and I just lost it. We both sobbed our way to the bathroom, where Jim took over with the bath and I went to my room to cool down!

Bunny said...

He is a cutie pie! That is a great picture of him!
And my Sarah, who is 13 months, squirms and wriggles and will not let me change her diaper without a fight. I sometimes have to throw my leg over her to hold her so I can have both hands to change the diaper.