Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Rock-A-Bye Baby

Oh, be still my heart, my son wanted me to rock him almost all morning long today. I cherish these few precious moments. A year ago I held and rocked my infant son constantly. So much so that I was itchy for a break when my arms weren't full of baby for just a few minutes. He always wanted to be held and rocked, especially when he was tired. But there came a time when that just wasn't cutting it anymore, and instead he just wanted to be put into his own bed to fall asleep.

This morning around nap time, I could tell that Zachariah was getting tired. I put him into bed, but apparently he didn't want to stay there. He would be OK for about 10-15 minutes at a time, but then would yell for me. Normally I just go in to check on him, and then I lay him back down. This usually does the trick and he'll sleep just fine. Not today. We went through this several times. And he didn't want to lay back down. He also didn't want down to play. He wanted to cuddle with me. A few times I tried cuddling with him in the rocker in his room then laying him back down. But after about 10-15 minutes he'd be back up yelling. Anyway, after an hour or more of this, I decided just to let him get up. I thought maybe he just wasn't ready to sleep (even though he seemed very tired).

I brought him into the living room and he wanted to cuddle in the rocking chair there. He did get down for a few minutes, but mostly he wouldn't leave me. Or he would sit on the floor right in front of my touching my legs. He got up and down. We read books. He ate a few goldfish crackers. But he always came back to cuddle and snuggle. Finally he curled all up on me and got really snugly like he wanted to sleep. I couldn't believe he wanted me to rock him to sleep, but I thought I'd give it a try. He got comfy in the same position he would as an infant. It was oh so sweet. AND, he fell asleep after just a few minutes rocking with me. Ahh. I just held him for a while enjoying the moment. Then I laid him down so peacefully in his own bed where he's still quietly sleeping.

Do you just love those wonderful moments? That's what makes us mothers want more children. :)


Shauna said...


desperate housewife said...

Addy woke up at six thirty, and still wasn't ready to nap by one o' clock! Aahh! Maybe I should have tried the rocking thing, although I doubt she'd have stood for it. She was very wound up. We just let her play in her room until she finally tired out and crawled back into bed of her own accord. Her room is a tornado, but at least she napped!

Kelsey said...

I miss those snuggly days too. Harper doesn't sit still for long, even when she's tired. An afternoon of rocking sounds like a nice diversion.

Jennifer said...

I love those days, too. They are few and far between.