Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Stranger Anxiety

This is something that my son does NOT have. He proves this time and time again. He will smile at (almost) anyone who smiles or talks to him. He does this every time we go anywhere. It's kind of cute. He's a little charmer like that.

Today I took a friend of mine to a doctor appointment. Since her appointment wasn't going to be very long, I just waited in the waiting room. I brought about 5 board books and some snacks to keep Zachariah entertained. He sat on my lap and ate snacks for the first 1/2 hour we were there. Then he decided to get down. There were several other young kids around us. One little girl was looking at books. I got one of his books out, but he didn't want to put down his snacks so that didn't work. Well, the little girl saw that Zachariah's book was Elmo and she started smiling and saying "Elmo". I told her she could look at the book. She took it over to her mom and they read the book together. Zachariah started getting restless and began walking around some chairs nearby. When the little girl was done with the book, she handed it to Zachariah. He smiled so big like someone had just given him a present. Then he toddled back over to me with the book in his hands. Then he kept going over to some older ladies next to us. He went right up to the lady beside me (a grandmotherly woman), and I told him not to bother her. She told me she didn't mind at all. I think by the time we left maybe she did mind. He kept going over to her. Then he'd stand there and grin at her. She and her daughter got a kick out of him.

I'm glad that he's not afraid of other people. But geesh, he's really friendly. He thinks everyone who looks at him must think he's adorable. Then he flashes them that toothy smile, and he believes they are under his charms. But then again it's just too cute to resist.


Black Sheeped said...

I love when friendly babies/toddlers grin at me. It makes me feel especially likeable and fancy.

Devan said...

ah, that's so cute! There's nothing better than a big grin from a little one!

desperate housewife said...

I agree with Black Sheep. It's always great when kids like you. Trust me, it's much worse when your kid clings to your leg and stares at people who are trying to make nice to her like they're evil kidnappers!