Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Grandparents' Day

While Matt and I were away this weekend, Zachariah got to stay with my parents. To start things off on a bad note, he didn't sleep through the night when we all stayed there Friday night. This kid has slept through the night since he was just over 3 months old. And he's never kept us up all night not wanting to sleep, except for the first night we brought him home from the hospital (why did no one tell me that would be the toughest night ever?). He went to bed late on Friday, because my sister had stopped to see him. So I let him stay up to play with Aunt Rachel for a while. Then he went to bed just like usual. He fell asleep quickly too. This was around 9:00PM. Then about 12:30AM he woke up screaming. I went in and tried to put him back to sleep (which is usually an easy task). He kept getting back up and crying again. Matt and I took turns getting up with him every 10-20 minutes (depending on how long he was mad) for an hour or two. Finally I decided maybe he'd sleep next to me in an extra bed. He just wanted to play on the bed. He was tired though, so I kept thinking he'd fall asleep soon. Finally I gave up on that and put him back in the crib. And he started screaming again about 10 minutes after I left the room. Around 3:00AM my mom got up and offered to take him downstairs to rock for a while, so I could get some sleep. He did go to sleep pretty quickly down there, but as soon as she laid him in the crib upstairs he started crying again. So she slept on the bed with him. I woke up about 5:30 hearing him fussing. I went in the room where he was sleeping in bed with my mom. He was asleep, but just uncomfortable or something. I let Mom go back to her bed and I laid there with him. I slept a little bit, and he did manage to sleep there until 7:30-8:00AM. We never did figure out why he wouldn't sleep. It was strange. We'd even tried giving him some warm milk and letting him play. He really didn't want either. After talking about it in the morning, I realized that it was that day exactly a year ago that we brought him home from the hospital. I thought maybe he was reliving that night! HA!

I didn't know after all that how he would be for my parents the rest of the weekend, but he did pretty good. He slept all through the night Saturday night. And he took 2 naps Saturday and Sunday. My parents took him to visit their friends on Saturday. They were watching their 2 month old grand-daughter. I guess Zachariah really liked her. He just loves all babies. When my dad held her, Zachariah climbed into his lap too and started kissing Aniyah on the head. They got a cute picture of them together, but they missed him kissing her. They enjoyed spending the day with Zac. Then Sunday they got him up and took him to church with them. My mom confessed to me that she'd forgotten how hard it is to get ready in the morning with a baby. Ha ha! He was good through church and slept on the pew. Then he ate dinner at the potluck with them afterwards. We came back and got him Sunday evening.

I'm glad that Zachariah has wonderful grandparents that enjoy him so much. It helps too that he's the only grandchild (with both our families). But I know he'll treasure these moments some day.


desperate housewife said...

What is it with these kids and not sleeping? Must be something in the water. I haven't gotten a full night's sleep in three days.

Mommy Daisy said...

I saw on your post that you were having problems too. Luckily, we just had that one night of it and he's been sleeping GREAT ever since. Good luck.