Monday, March 19, 2007

Lazy day

I am having such a lazy day today. I don't know why. I just don't feel motivated to do much. I have showered and dressed. Zachariah's not even dressed though. He slept in this morning, then he was up for about an hour or so and went down for a nap (where he is still). I don't think he's feeling the greatest. Or maybe he's just having a lazy Monday too. I have read blogs all morning and into the afternoon. I did do dishes, and laundry is all caught up. It's one of those days I don't really feel like being home, but it's so dreary outside that I don't feel like going out. That means bundling Zachariah all up, then taking the stroller in and out of stores. Not sure I'm up to that. Actually, I haven't been to the mall in weeks. That's pretty unusual for me. I typically go shop the clearance racks about once a week or so. But in the last few months, I just haven't left the house much other than necessary trips to the grocery store. Maybe I'm slowly becoming a hermit (at least during the weekdays). That may not be a completely bad thing.

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