Monday, March 19, 2007

If I could be so nice

I feel a little guilty about my husband bashing the other day. I really didn't mean it as such, but really it was. So, I've been thinking about things that I (as a wife/mother) could be doing to help my husband out. But most of the time I'm too lazy/busy to do it.

It would be nice if I ...
  • got up with my husband in the morning instead of staying in bed.
  • made Matt breakfast every day (or even a few times a week).
  • packed his lunch for him.
  • had a nice hot dinner waiting for him when he got home (this isn't possible, but might be nice).
  • always kept his laundry clean, folded, and ironed (I wash it, but sometimes he asks me after he's out of clean shirts).
  • washed dishes EVERY day (without a dishwasher I don't always get to them every day).
  • made the bed.


desperate housewife said...

I always feel bad about not getting up with Jim in the mornings. It's the one thing he actually cares about, having breakfast with me, but I just so hate mornings! Generally, I see no reason short of a fire to drag myself from bed before Adelay wakes up.
I have been making an effort lately, since the morning sickness is gone, to do this for him. Most mornings, though, if Addy stays asleep, I eat breakfast with him, kiss him goodbye, and then go back to bed for an hour. This seems a reasonable compromise.

desperate housewife said...

P.S. Didn't mean to make you feel guilty or as though you were husband bashing the other day. In fact, I thought of one to add to your list: It would be nice if it were not assumed that I am the parent responsible for packing up all of Adelay's bedding, clothes, diapers, toys, snacks, extra bottles, etc. for overnight trips, and if I were perhaps not the only parent who even KNOWS what ought to be packed.

Mommy Daisy said...

DH - You didn't make me feel bad, but thanks. Matt doesn't care if I get up with him, and sometimes I think he likes the quiet in the mornings. That's why I don't make more effort. I always kiss him goodbye, then I usually get up shortly after that.