Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I have spent entirely too much time online today. And way too much of it accomplishing nothing.

I chatted with a friend all morning. I've been reading blogs and commenting all day too.

Here we are at 2:00, and I leave to tutor in an hour. I've managed to actually do the following things: get the child up and dressed, eat breakfast, feed the kid, read a chapter in my current book, make my bed, make lunch for the kid, find a book for my friend, make lunch for me, eat, lay the kid down for a nap, pull laundry out of the dryer, leave laundry in the basket in the kitchen unfolded, lay kid down for nap again (still not sleeping), lay the kid down again (I think he's finally sleeping but I'll have to get him up in a hour - not much of a nap for him). Add in letting the dog out, feeding and watering the dog, and letting the dog out again, and that's been my day.

Well, it looks like I did a little, tiny, itty bit other than computer time.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who has days like this!

Things I need to accomplish: schedule oil change, fold and put again clothes (can't put away until kid wakes up), put away the clutter I've created today, put away clean dishes, wash dirty dishes, start preparing supper, start DVD review, and there is much more. That just needs accomplished today. We'll see what I get to.

Later today I need to run to the store for one thing. I also need to look at a gift for a friend of mind. Then I'll have to be sure to get it mailed later this week.

Tomorrow we're going to the county fair. Oh the bad food we will eat. Of course it's supposed to be hot tomorrow. But Zachariah will love seeing all the animals. I'm sure there will be a few shows we can take him to. Matt wants a deep-fried candy bar and greasy french fries. Ugh. Zachariah wants cotton candy or a candy apple, but he was supposed to be going on the potty this week to earn it. Besides the two times he really tried yesterday (he sat in there for a long time trying to go), we've got nothing. And I'm disappointed, because I wanted cotton candy too. I also told him he could trade his pacifier for cotton candy (he's still using it to sleep at night), but we'll see what he thinks about that tomorrow.

Guess I better get to work instead of blogging about all the things that aren't getting done. I sure wish I could snap my fingers and have it happen for me. Oh well.


Nowheymama said...

I'm not doing what I should today, too! Our house looks like a bomb went off. Ah, well.

d e v a n said...

I'm spending far too much time online too.

Ruth said...

Deep fried candy bar!!! What on earth is that? You don't mean like a Marsbar do you? Eeek! Sounds kinda disgusting and delicious... lol
Are they battered or something?

Ruth xx

Heidi said...

We all have days like that. It's ok. (Says the woman who is sitting at her computer & letting her son tear up her entire kitchen for just a few more minutes of computer time.)

Cindi said...

And this is exactly why every single year I ask for "Alice" from the Brady Bunch for Christmas.

She's not arrived yet, sigh.