Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pay It Forward v2.0

Back when Swistle began all these Pay it Forward contests, I hosted one of my own. Then I won MzEll's contest.

Yeah! I got her package weeks ago, but I wanted to wait to show it off until I hosted my next contest. And I decided to spread out the love and wait a little bit to host another contest. So here we are.

I also won two more PiF contests, so be looking out for more contests from me. I also have a DVD giveaway to do soon (I'm thinking the end of this week or beginning of next week after this contest is over).

SO, here are all the wonderful things we got from MzEll. She sent two packages and they were both loaded with things. I loved everything in my box and can't wait to start reading everything (I have to finish the pile of books from my mom first). And Zachariah was more than thrilled to get a big package full of fun things for him. So far he's enjoyed the Jonah movie a few times and watched part of the Hi Five. I haven't broken out the paints yet, but maybe those will make a good potty incentive! (More on the potty stuff some other time.)

Now for my new contest! WOO HOO!

If you have any questions about how this contest works, please read the instructions from my first contest. Basically if you sign up and win, you get to host a contest next. Fun!

The prize, oh the prize! I have a really good one this time. It will be a set of jewelry. It's from Premier Designs.

So, to enter all you have to do is leave a comment below with an answer to this question:
**What is your favorite piece of jewelry that you own and why?**

I love my wedding/engagement rings from my husband, but other than that my favorite is a bracelet that my dad brought back from his overseas travels. I can't remember where it's from right now, I'll have to ask my mom. My dad did a lot of out of country traveling when I was in high school, and he always brought something home for each of us. It's a silver bracelet with a heart. Inside the heart is a little pressed purple flower. So pretty.

Good luck! - Contest ends midnight EST Sunday, August 17th.


d e v a n said...

I think my mother's rings would have to be my favorite. I love my wedding ring, of course, but it is probably NOT what I would have picked out on my own. My mother's rings are just lovely.

Gina said...

Mine would be the band I wear as a wedding band. See - it;s not my actual wedding band, which is a skinny little thing that was part of a set. It was my grandma's and after she died it was given to me. Before that, it was my grandfather's mother's. It's well over 100 years old, and is just a plain, wide band that is paper thin, but it means the world to me. It's so thin now that I am going to have to go get it reinforced a little. I love it.

MzEll said...

OK, first. Your son is so very gorgeous. Where did you get his outfit/shoes?
I'm so glad you liked all of your things! Thank you for posting the pictures of Zac with his goodies!!

This is a hard question because I LOVE jewelry and my husband is very good at choosing things for me. I love my wedding rings, of course... ummm

Huge vintage beads form a garage sale? Navajo Indian jewelry? too many choices, those will work though!

Jana said...

What a great PiF gift you got (Zachariah's, too)!

My favorite piece of jewelry is the string of pearls (and matching earrings) that belonged to my grandmother. I wore them at my wedding (the only granddaughter to do so) and when she died they were given to me. I never wear them since I don't go anywhere fancier than the grocery store these days, but I do pull them out from time to time just to gaze at them.

Chraycee said...

Wedding ring aside, my favorite piece of jewelry is a silver necklace I got for my birthday in July. It's a big cloverleaf with an artistic rendering of a horse in the center ( I love it because it's a beautiful design that lets me show my horsey side without being all rhinestones and tooled leather. Also I ride mostly english and currently I spend most of my time driving my horse in combined driving events - this piece is less cowgirlish (as lots of horse stuff tends to be) and more elegant. Most people don't really realize there's a horse in the center unless I point it out to them.

Valerie said...

My engagement ring was my husband's great-grandmother's wedding ring. It's absolutely beautiful, the style is a little antique but funky and the diamond is cut in a way that makes it twinkle like no other. I've had to put it in a safety deposit box for a while but I'm looking forward to wearing it again!

Anonymous said...

Other than my engagement ring (which I LOVE), I have a hard time picking. My mom is really into making jewelry lately so she makes me all this beautiful stuff, which is even more great b/c I know she worked hard on it out of love for me.

PS - Who is that big boy in the pictures? Surely not your BABY!!!

Emily said...

Yay! love contests! I'm pretty simplistic when it comes to jewelry. I wear my rings, and then everyday I wear my watch, one of 2 silver necklaces, and one of 2 pairs of silver earrings. But my favorite that I've ever worn was the necklace I got for my wedding day. It's just really sparkly with flowers all around.

nicole said...

I don't know if it counts as jewelry, but I wear a bracelet made of swivel hooks. I never take it off. In four years, it has come off only to have c-sections and go through metal detectors at the airport. So about four times. It is from a retreat. My husband wears one too. It reminds me of many things, but most importantly of my faith, and that I share that faith with my husband.

minnie said...

my wedding and engagment rings of course. and right now I am loving my superhero designs necklace!

donna said...

Of course I love my engagement ring, but other than that, my favorite jewelry is the pair of sapphire earrings we bought in St. Thomas on our honeymoon. They are shaped like starfish, sort of, with diamonds on the center. Every time I wear them, I get so many compliments. And even more symbolic is that sapphires are my husband's birthstone which makes me love them even more.

whimsicalwalney said...

I too love my wedding/engagement rings.

In a close tie, however, are the simple gold ball earrings that my younger brother gave to me EONS ago by saving up some $$ and then buying for me for a special occasion that is escaping me right now.

ya ya's mom said...

i love my diamond band that i got this year for v-day to go with my wedding band and diamond engagement ring. i love these pif giveaways!

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

I love my wedding band my husband got for me when I started working as a nurse. I like my original wedding band/engagement ring combo but can't wear it to work because of the gloves, frequent handwashing, and possible contact with gross things that would be hard to clean off the rings. I wanted something that I could wear to work as a wedding band though. As a surprise one New Year's he gave me an eternity band in front of a group of friends at a party. I almost passed out. It is exactly what I would have picked out. It was a complete surprise. And one of the most romantic things he has ever done which is huge because romantic he ain't.

Kahla said...
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