Monday, September 3, 2007

547 Days

18 months ago my little baby was born into this world. Where has the time gone? I can’t turn my back from one minute these days, because he’s always doing something new. It seems like Zachariah’s had an explosion of learning these last few months. If he keeps learning at this rate, how many more new things could he possibly do in one day? I’m afraid to find out, because I’m astounded by something new constantly.

Zachariah is a smiley, loving, cuddly, rowdy, energetic, curious, smart, adorable little boy. I love him with all my heart. I can’t imagine what I’d be doing without him in my life. He’s lead me down paths I didn’t know I’d ever travel. He’s taught me things about myself that I never before knew. He tries my patience almost daily. (How much can one person handle? I’m finding that out.) But he fills each day with more joy than I ever knew possible.

Zachariah has taken climbing to a new level now. He can successfully get onto the couch, recliners, and dining room chairs. Fortunately that’s as far as the climbing escapades have gone to this point.

Zachariah is not much of a talker (yet), but he has many other creative ways to communicate. For instance, if he wants the radio on, he points to the stereo or remote and dances. He says “choo choo” for trains and “room room” for cars/trucks/tractors/anything with wheels. He pants and recently learned to say “woof woof” for dogs (or cats or other 4 legged creatures). He says “ahh ahh” for a monkey. He moos like a cow. He lets us know when something smells bad by wrinkling up his nose and waving his hand in front of his face …so cute. And he loves to smell our feet, socks, and shoes to remind us that they stink. Lovely, isn’t he?

Sign language is Zachariah’s main form of communication (when crying doesn’t work, that is). He knows how to work the please and thank you’s. He knows quite a few animal signs already: dog, rabbit, monkey, fish (complete with a “fish face”), elephant, bird and we’ve been working on cow. Some other signs he uses frequently are: more, eat, drink, grandma/grandpa (he doesn’t distinguish the difference between these yet), banana, sorry & hurt (which he is beginning to understand the meaning of), hat, car, ball, baby, up, down, potty, snow, rain, and so many more. He picks them up really quickly now.

I can’t believe how big my son has gotten either. Zachariah is always on the tall/skinny side. At his last well baby check up he was over the 100th percentile for height. I guess we’ll see at his appointment next week how he’s grown again. I’m guessing he’s gained about 2 pounds. I’m sure he’s grown at least an inch or more, because his clothes are fitting him differently. It always amazes me to see the growth.

Zachariah has gone from toddling around to running. He can get anywhere pretty quickly now. It won’t be much longer before I can’t keep up with him. He is so active and energetic. But he still has time to stop and come back to me for cuddles and hugs.

He is a friendly boy. He’ll smile, wave, or blow kisses to any friend or stranger he meets. And he pours on the charm with girls already.

He is very independent. We are seeing this more and more, especially where his eating is concerned. He no longer wants us to help him eat. He uses a fork or spoon fairly well on his own now. He wants to try more and more things on his own. He loves fruit, almost every kind. He likes to eat whatever we’re eating for dinner. He definitely has a sweet tooth. He has most of his teeth now (at least part of the way in), so he can eat harder foods too.

Before my eyes my baby has transformed from infant to independent toddler. (No wonder I’m ready for another baby.) Happy 18 months, my son!
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We haven't gotten professional 18 month photos yet. I hope to go in soon!


Anonymous said...

Just look at your BABY! The timeline photos are fabulous, he is adorable!!

jen said...

he looks like such a little boy now! :)

desperate housewife said...

He's really become a toddler- in that last picture you can really tell.

Mommy Brain said...

What a beautiful little boy!

kristi said...

He is too cute!