Friday, September 7, 2007

To feed or not to feed

A few months ago I swtiched to short feeds. Now this won't mean anything to you unless you read your blogs through a feed reader. I've been using Google Reader, and it makes it much easier. I get through blogs much faster. If I want to comment, then I just click the link and I comment.

I know Jen recently brought up the topic of switching back to full feeds. It did make me think about it. I'm not sure why I switched in the first place. I guess I thought I'd have a better idea of how much traffic comes to my site, because they'd have to come finish reading the post.

But, I don't have ads on my blog. I'm not making money doing this (nor do I plan to for now). So what's the point really in making people come to my site? I don't know. I wonder if some people skip over me now, because they don't want to mess with coming here to read the whole blog posting.

That said, I've decided to switch back to full feeds. I hope that you'll still stop by and comment once in a while though. I do try to comment on many of your sites. I just want to be loved.

I also need to update my linky love. I have found some more blogs recently that I heart. So, thanks to all my readers. And I hope you like the full feeds again!


jen said...

ooh I do come back to comment. I use my reader when I'm just surfing on through, like a "summary" but I still want to read the whole thing. I just wish I could subscribe to comments I've posted to keep up with the conversation!

Sara said...

I guess I'm old school because I don't use a reader. :) I agree with Jen, i wish i could subscribe to comments.

Shannon said...

I am trying to be a better commenter, albeit a one-handed commenter :)