Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Back in Action

Oh what a glorious weekend I had. I went away for 2 days/1 night with a friend of mine. It was good for both of us to get away from our families and constant job as "mom" for a few days. And of course we enjoyed being together. Being with friends is always refreshing. I, unfortunately, only get to see this friend a few times a year. We live just far enough apart that it's quite a drive to her place, so it doesn't happen often.

What did we do? Lots of fun things. Mostly we just shopped and talked. But that worked for me. I don't usually get much adult conversation during the day. After days, weeks, months, year(s) of that, it gets old. It's nice to carry on intelligent conversation. And it's neat to learn more about a friend that I've only known for about 3-4 years. I think we're all caught up on each other's lives now...mostly. I'm sure we'll still find things to talk about next time we see each other.

We shopped all day long on Saturday. We hit two big malls/shopping centers and other stores in between. On a trip that was supposed to be for me, I didn't spend most of my money on me. I bought a really soft pair of socks/slippers. But I bought for Zachariah 2 pairs of socks...and two shirts, and two pairs of jeans, and two pajamas. Who got the better end of this deal? Oh well, that's how life as a mommy goes even when the kids aren't around.

This was the longest that Matt's ever been alone and the sole care taker of our son. I left around 9:00AM, and they left for breakfast just before I left. We knew that would be easier for Zachariah. (He is OK if he leaves with someone else, but I can't leave him.) Then I didn't call until 7:00PM. I knew it was bedtime for Zachariah, so I wanted to say goodnight. I, of course, asked how Zachariah had been all day. Ha, ha, I should have known better. And the problem wasn't that he'd been bad, it's that he'd been super good. Matt was putting pajamas on him when I called, and he said that was the first fit he'd thrown all day...he didn't want pajamas on. WHAT??!! For me, he'd had at least 5 or more fits by that point. What's a mom to do? I guess I should leave more often. But they did have a good time. They even went out for breakfast again on Sunday morning.

I feel more rested, more happy, and more ready to be a good mom (and wife) now that I've had a break. I have a feeling that it will leave me craving more time to myself, but only time will tell. With Zachariah getting older, it may be a little easier for me to get away in the evenings for different things. i know Matt appreciated me coming home. Hopefully he'll act more appreciative for all I do now. I'm glad for the reprieve, so I will take it and be thankful.


Kelli in the Mirror said...

How nice to get away! And it's good that Zachariah behaved so nicely- now Matt will be fine with you leaving more often.

Cara said...

It's that the way it always is? You leave the kids with the hubby or others and they act like angels.
I struggle daily to take care of Bubbie and it all. I left for 2 days and my DH said it was a breeze. Then again I don't know if it true, but thats what he tells me.

Devan said...

Yay for a break!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a good time! And welcome back : )