Thursday, September 20, 2007

Across the ocean

That's where Matt wants to go. My husband wants to leave us for two weeks in October 2008. His point of interest is Mali, Africa.

Matt has been interested in doing a missions trip for a few years now. He had considered going with a work crew to Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina. The timing of that trip was not meant to be. They were scheduled to go in March 2006. I was pregnant with Zachariah and due on March 8, 2006. I told him that probably would be a bad idea for him to be away. It was a good thing he didn't go, because Zachariah would have been about 2 weeks old when the group went.

Ever since then he has had the idea of a trip in the back of his mind. This week he found out that the church is scheduling a trip to Mali. He went to a meeting last night to learn more about it. I've been encouraging him to look into it more, because I think it would be a great thing for him to experience. I'm a teeny tiny bit jealous that I can't go too, but it's just not the right time with a young son. I think that someday I'll be able to do a missions trip too. Maybe we'll be able to do one as a family when our children are older. Like I told Matt, we have our whole lives ahead of us.

We looked over all the information last night. It will cost quite a bit to make this trip happen, but we know that we can probably raise the money from family, friends, and other church members. There are various fundraising options that we have. As I was listening to Matt read over things, I knew in his mind he was already going on the trip. But our goal for now it to pray about this and make sure it's God's plan for us. If it is, things will come together. I think Matt's heart is already in it, and I hope that we can make this happen for him.


Anonymous said...

Wow. That's really great. I hope it happens for him.

Sara said...

My cousin Em ( did a mission/work study in Africa and loved it.

I hope it all works out for you guys.