Monday, September 8, 2008

DVD review - Care Bears

The Care Bears are celebrating 25 years! Wow. I don't know about anyone else, but I loved Care Bears as a kid. I remember having a Care Bear as a young child, and each of my sisters had a different one. It was fun seeing all the different kinds. I also loved when the Care Bear Cousins first came out. I think my sister had one of those too. I know my cousin had several and I loved playing with them at her house.

In honor of the 25th birthday they have recently released a new DVD ‘The Care Bears: Care-A-Lot Collection’. We have this DVD set and have watched it several times. Zachariah loved it instantly. He watched it a lot at first. It has gone by the wayside for the moment for new favorites, but he definitely fell in love with the Care Bears. I went to his room and dug out his "Baby's First Care Bear" that his great-grandmother brought to the hospital for him when he was born. He's played with this toy a little, and he really enjoyed linking it with the "movie" he was watching on TV.

There are 22 episodes on the DVD set. There is a total of 242 minutes of Care Bear fun. I think it's something you can watch for a while and not get too bored with it.

It has plenty of different plots and adventures throughout the episodes. There is a new scenario for each one, but you know the Care Bears always join together in the end and save the day.

I enjoyed watching it and reminiscing about when I was a kid. It was fun for me to step down memory lane and fun for Zachariah to find something new.

This DVD set is available at stores now. Or you can find links above that will help you purchase it. It retails for about $22.98 (but I've seen it cheaper already) and is available now. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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