Monday, April 6, 2009

Still Spring Cleaning

I spent several days last week finishing up my first Spring Cleaning project. And it is finally finished. I did somewhere between 6 and 8 loads of laundry. All the blankets and towels that were stored in there needed wash so badly.

I was happy to get that closet cleaned out. And it has needed reorganized and cleaned out anyway. Then the layer of drywall dust in there has kept us from using it for weeks. That is no longer, the dust is gone, and the layout is easier to use now too.

I also packed away baby blankets and towels. Zachariah says we're saving them for his baby. He talks often about wanting a sibling. Some day, child, some day.

I haven't started a new project today. I will keep an eye on my list and either start something tomorrow morning or perhaps work on something tonight.

Anyone have any new ideas on who to get a certain little boy to poop on the potty? He will pee on it. He does great with that most of the time. He goes at home, at stores, at church, or anywhere else we go. But poop, not so much. Many times he poops when he's in bed and wearing a Pull Up. Then he of course wants changed right away.

I've tried bribing him with numerous things. It works now and then, but nothing consistently. He wanted a Cadbury Egg, so I told him he could gladly have one when he pooped in the potty. So later that day he did just that. And I gave him a Cadbury Egg. I told him there were more where that came from. (Like I told Matt, I'd go buy a whole case of them if I knew it would solve the problem.) Unfortunately that didn't do it.

So, I'm up for ideas. Nothing we try seems to work. And we've tried plenty of things.

In other news I have a new post up at PS Mom Reviews. I did a review for a new Thomas DVD. Go check it out. I am giving away two copies.


Emily said...

For the first week or so of potty training, Katy wouldn't poop on the potty, and waited until naptime to go in her diaper. Then I was talking to a friend who said that her son was a "private pooper" who would always go hide when he went in his diaper, and Katy is the same way. So she put a potty seat in his room and at naptime had him sit on it and left the room. So I tried that, also putting the potty seat next to the vent where she likes to crouch because it's warm, and it worked! She has a really hard time doing it in front of anyone, and being in the comfort of her room with the door closed really helped her. Now that's her pooping pot, and she's actually doing better with that than peeing - go figure!

Melissa said...

God when you get a set thing down for the potty let me know! :)
Where Violet is only turning two soon we've been putting her on it whenever she shows interest, and after supper before bath (she always seems to pee :) lol)

Melissa said...


d e v a n said...

GL with the PT'ing!

Melanie said...

It took Gwen a month of peeing on the potty before she would poop on the potty, several of my friends said the same thing. She still sometimes waits until bedtime/naptime, but she will actually now poop on the potty.

desperate housewife said...

Well, you know Addy was three and three months before she was potty trained, so I have no advice other than patience!