Thursday, November 29, 2012

23 Weeks

The's getting BIG!

*Obviously I'm bot blogging every day in November. The beginning of November was crazy for us. We've spent the last 3 weekends in a row traveling back and forth to my parents' house for various things. This will be the first weekend we're actually staying home.

*For those who have been waiting on pins and needles (ha!), I do apologize that I didn't post the BIG REVEAL yet. We are having a BOY! As much as a little girl would be fun, I'm kind of relieved that it's another boy. I feel like I know boys now. And I kept all of Zachariah's clothes (out of all things that I actually kept), so we're all set there. Since Zachariah was born in March too, the seasons should line right up for us.

*I've been dealing with some pregnancy problems. I really haven't talked about them much, though. At my last appointment my blood pressure was up a little. This concerned the doctor. She started me on medication and sent me home with instructions to check my blood pressure twice a day. Even with the medication my bp was still up a little. So they increased my meds. That helped a little, but it still was not as low as she wanted. Now I'm on a double (from where I started) dose. My bp is better, close to where it should be, but not under it all the time like she wants.

The scary part was at the appointment when she explained some things to me. She started me on the meds right away, because they can't start them after 24 weeks...and that's where I'd be by the next appointment. And if it continues and doesn't regulate, I could be diagnosed with preeclampsia. (I know a little about it, but I've refused to google & research it. I know it will stress me out more, and I don't need that right now.) If I am diagnosed with that, I'm looking at bed rest as early as 28 weeks. That is what scared and upset me.

I never had issues like this last time. I am 7 years older this time. And I weigh more this time. I think my body forgot how to do this. For now I'm doing what the doctor tells me, trying to eat better (that's been tough this month), and just trying not to worry too much. In the end I want a healthy pregnancy and a healthy little boy out of this. That's really all that matters.

*Other than all of that I am feeling good. I have more energy now (which still isn't a lot), and it feels good to not be sick. The baby is growing and developing well. And I'm already 23 weeks today. I can't believe how quickly this is going.

*We are still working on the big room switch-over. It will get there. I think we have most of the necessities for the baby. Eventually I will have Matt draw the clothing out of the attic, so I can sort and wash. I think I'll wait until we have the rooms switched, though, so I have somewhere to put everything. I ordered our first diapers (Black Friday sales). I need a lot more, but it's a little start. I wanted to get a few different kinds/types to start with. I also ordered some cute baby legs (another good sale) and can't wait to put them on our little guy.


Fran said...

Yay for boys!! I wish you the very best and know you will do great! Take the time for yourself, you have earned it :)

Saly said...

You are so cute!!

d e v a n said...

Aw, love diaper mail!
Sorry about the b/p issues, I hope your b/p behaves itself!