Thursday, October 18, 2012

Baby Gear & Gift Registry for 2nd Baby

Taken @ 16 weeks. Just starting to pop out a little.

We will have a 7 year gap between our "babies". I can't believe that Zachariah will be 7 years old when this baby is due to be born. This was not the plan, but it's reality. We have a big gap.

The problem with having a big gap between children is that we've either gotten rid of baby gear or it is too out of date to use. We have some things, but we were missing some really big imporatant items. We got rid of our crib, infant seat, and car seat just a year ago. I realize now that the car seat would have been ready to expire by now anyway, so we needed a new one.

We found a car seat/stroller travel system at a local home improvement store. They don't often carry things like this, so there was one left that kept getting marked down. We checked it out and it was a decent one that would work for us. When Matt bought it, we ended up with a great price plus a $20 rebate. Score!

Last weekend we picked out and bought a crib from Target. Nothing fancy, but it's nice (probably nicer than the old one was new). And Matt had a $100 gift card from a prize he won that we used towards it. I also had a few Target gift cards (from various blogging things), so with all of those combined we paid VERY little for the crib. Yay!

Now that we have the crib and car seat/stroller, there isn't a lot more we need. I kept our bouncy seat, play mat, pack 'n play, baby bathtub, and a few other things that I used with my nephews/niece.

I think the obvious thing would be clothing...but only if it's a girl. I still have all my boy clothes. My sister has been borrowing them as needed, but she never needed things until about 12 months or so. So most of the little baby clothes haven't been worn since Zachariah was little. If this is a girl, we'll have to start over with most clothing.

The other major thing we will need are diapers. We've decided to cloth diaper this time. This is all new to me, so we're starting from scratch. I haven't decided exactly what type(s) I want to use yet. But I see that has some available there.

And that brings me to baby gift registry. I feel a little funny doing a registry since this is our 2nd baby, but I know there will be at least one big shower for my family/friends. Since I already have quite a bit (more than I originally thought), I think it might be necessary to register for what we actually do need. I'm thinking of setting up a registry on Amazon and maybe Babies R Us. Mostly on Amazon for the cloth diapers I can register for.

What do you think? Is a registry acceptable for a 2nd baby? Did you do it? Does it make a difference that there is a big age gap?

And I'm still working through what other baby gear I need. It can be overwhelming, but at least I've done this before and know where to look. What baby items are must haves for you?


Scottish Twins said...

I think a registry is totally acceptable in your situation! I say do it!

And yayayayayay for cloth diapering. If you need any help getting started and set-up, just let me know. You could even come over sometime if you want and check out my stash of diapers to see which ones you like and the difference between a prefold, pocket, AIO, etc. Just let me know :) (Also, check out my blog because I just got done making some new diapers. I know you knit, but if you also sew they are pretty easy to make!)

My must-haves for babies are a good breastpump (I breastfeed and work two days a week), baby carriers (I prefer a Moby for newborns and an Ergo once they are a bit older), the bouncy seat, a boppy pillow, gowns for baby with the bottom open (makes middle of the night cloth diaper changes much, much easier!). Those are the things I can't live without!

My cloth diapering must-haves - two diaper pail liners (so you have one clean one while the other is in the wash), a few travel wetbags, cloth wipes (these are so easy to make), extra hemp liners for nighttime diapers, and snappis. For little babies I prefer to use prefold diapers with covers. It's just a lot esier to get a tight fit with the prefolds. Once the babies get a bit larger I like to use pockets and AIOs. It makes diaper changes faster with the wiggly babies. I highly recommend Bum Genius diapers. I've had the same set for four children now and they still work like a charm. Also, I prefer snaps over velcro. Some women are the opposite, but I just find my snap diapers last longer.

Doing My Best said...

I think it is perfectly appropriate for you to have a registry =)!

d e v a n said...

I agree! Register!

CAQuincy said...

The only time I ever registered was for the fourth surprise baby--with the 7 year gap. Like you, I wanted to put it out there what all we actually needed since we had SOME stuff but had outdated or got rid of MOST stuff. And people did buy off of it, so it must not have been too offensive!

I am very, very eager about these baby reveals coming up!

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Erica said...

I think registry for #2 is okay especially when you consider the gap. Our youngest is 3 and I'm just now starting to be okay with having a second. We will have minimally a four year gap but maybe even more. I feel funny about it too because so many people just have one after another. But you have to do what works.