Monday, September 27, 2010

Official Soccer Mom

Well, that did it. Zachariah is now playing soccer, so I guess that makes me a soccer mom. I'm not sure I live up to the stereotype out there, but I don't think I really want to do that either.

Regardless of my altered title, we are involved with soccer twice a week now. It's going well so far...
...if you consider your son not taking the water break during practice, then stopping mid-drill to insist to the coach that he must take a water break right now doing well.
...if you consider your son refusing to run up and down the field within 5 minutes of the first game doing well.
...if you consider your son standing at the sidelines yelling at you (the parent) that he is too tired and has no energy to play, after that first 5 minutes, in front of all the other parents, who are now looking around trying to figure out who this crazy little boy belongs to doing well.
...if you consider your son playing the first quarter, then taking a turn on the bench the second quarter only to have him refuse to the coach to go in the rest of the game doing well.
...if you consider your son, who is sitting on the bench at his own insistence, not paying attention, picking on the kids sitting with him, and knocking all the teams water bottles off the bench doing well.

Zachariah is the one in red with blue shorts & blue shirt under, who's face you can see. 
OK, so there have also been some good moments. When he does actually play, he loves it. He especially likes the part when the whole team gets in a circle, puts their hands in, and yells "Gooooo Indians!" He has had more fun and gotten into it more now that they're doing full games and not practices. And he loves the snacks at the end of the games too.

Matt & I enjoy watching him play and run with other kids. It's good for him to learn to listen and respect coaches. It's good that he's making little friends. It's good that he's wearing off some energy (even if he thinks he doesn't have any).

We're just hoping that Zachariah can stick out the rest of the soccer season and keep up with the other least a little bit.


Saly said...

Oh I picked Zachariah out right away! Bud and Lucy start soccer this week through our local community education program. We are EXCITED!

Hope it goes a bit better for you guys.

jen(melty) said...

hahaha he is just like my kids their first time! D had soccer at the Y and I wanted to smack him, but something sunk in and when we started town soccer he is doing a little better than my daughter, who falls to the ground on purpose 50 times a game, says she's too tired to run, says she doesn't run fast enough, can't get the ball away from the other kids, and has to be told from the sidelines to pay attention to the game.. also randomly leaves the game to get a drink or something. I hope she sticks with it, or any sport. I hate that her whiny princess attitude prevails but what can you do? heh.

Jana said...

So cute! I'm glad he's having fun playing and I'm sure he'll get the hang of it before long. Too funny about the water breaks, though. :)

d e v a n said...

haha! cute!!

Sarah said...

Oh he looks adorable. Also HA HA HA because Addy totally does all that stuff- by the third quarter, she and about three other kids sometimes flat out refuse to play anymore. They just want to hang out on the bench spraying each other with the water bottles and ogling the after game snack. I'm quite amazed that Jim has survived the two months season with his sanity, because it takes all his self control to keep up a stream of praise and positivity for a bunch of five year olds when he's used to high school soccer!

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