Monday, September 13, 2010

New job

Yep, I have a new job. No, I'm not quitting my current one...that of super stay at home mom and blogger extraordinaire. (I can dream right?)

I have taken on a babysitting client. I never thought I'd want to do that. Sure, I'm already home during the day. Sure, I'm great with babies and kids. Sure, a little extra money would be nice. But I like my time with my son. I didn't want to get into all the stuff that comes along with having other children (ones that aren't mine) here to take care of all the time. And they bring in their germies. And they'll play with my son's toys. There are so many things I didn't like about it.

But here I am. Today starts my new job. I'm happy about it.

I just complained about all the things I didn't want to deal with having daycare in my home. Why in the world did I change my mind? Do I really need the money? Do I feel like I need one more thing to do all day long?

Here, this is the reason I decided to babysit. This is the one and only reason.

That little adorable guy is my nephew, Patrick. He's such a sweetie. I can't get enough of him. So when both of his parents were returning to work (Daddy started a new job today), I offered to watch him. I love spending time with him. I love to spoil him. And we just love having a baby around.

Zachariah does great with him and is excited that he'll be here 4 days a week. It's easier having the childcare in the family (and we're the closest family to them), plus my rate is cheap, cheap, cheap. I'm just happy to be able to help them out and see more of my nephew. It's a win/win really.

So, let the adventures in babysitting begin. I'm sure it will be great fun.  As long as I have enough time to do everything that I did before, we'll be well off. And no one can control the amount of spoiling that will be happening here. 


Anonymous said...

SO exciting! You get to have a baby without having to have a baby! It will be great for the cousins to grow up together.

Sarah said...

Yeah, my little sister is pregnant, and even though I've always said NEVER NEVER when it comes to in home babysitting, now I keep thinking, "Hmm. Maybe I WOULD consider watching her baby." Except that, you know, we'll have a four month old of our own. Could be a BIT tricky.

CAQuincy said...

Yep, completely different when it's FAMILY.

What fun!

Pam said...

Wow! You are one fabulous auntie! Good luck -sounds like you are excited about it so that's good and you're right - he is adorable.

Leslie said...

oh how lucky, you get a baby fix without the late nights!

Swistle said...

What a wonderful idea, and this will give you such a good start on your relationship with your nephew! And it'll accustom Z to having a baby around, for someday!

ttsc said...

Good luck with it. I babysat for someone when I just had Samantha, it worked well for a year. Then I wanted my time alone with my baby back. It will probably be nice to have a baby and Z. When I did it, the baby was the same age as mine, so that was a little tough.

Kelsey said...

What a great thing - good for all of you I think. I am always a tiny bit jealous when someone has family who will provide full time care as opposed to going the daycare route. Our in-laws help a lot but would never do full time.

I can't wait to hear about your adventures!