Friday, February 27, 2009

Good grief, what a week!

I was going to post about some of this earlier, but this week just got away from me. Funny how that happens...even when you don't have much planned. So here are some things I've been up to:

1. Monday morning our friend called and asked if it was a good time to help with the bathroom. (Side note: we've been in the remodeling process for a few years now. All has been done, but the walls are not finished. Matt gave up on it and was ready to pay too much to hire someone to finish it.) Our friend loves doing drywall finishing, so he had offered to help before. I had nothing planned for that morning/afternoon, so he came over to work on it.

I watched his 2 year old daughter while he worked. She and Zachariah played together most of the time. They get along pretty well, but by the end of the afternoon they were pretty much fed up with each other. Neither of them had gotten naps, and they were finished.

I am so glad to have the bathroom almost finished. There are a few last minute touches that need done, then I can paint. After that Matt will be able to put up the remaining trim, and we'll finally be done!

While I'm happy about that, when our friend worked on the drywall it created a lot of dust. I had only moved the things that you can see out of the room. But we had a layer of drywall dust covering everything: inside the medicine cabinet, under the sink, and in the linen closet...not to mention every other surface that you could see. So I've probably spent 3-4 additional hours this week just cleaning the bathroom up. I am almost done now, but I need to take everything out of the closet to clean and wash. (And I haven't even begun all the dusting that the entire house needs now.)

BUT, the end is in sight, so I really haven't complained about all the work. I will be so happy when this is finally over.

2. This week was Missions Week at church. We have two missionaries who are around speaking at different events that are going on.

The lady who is here, we know personally. She was on staff at the church when we started attending there, and she was also in the first small group we joined then. Now she is serving overseas. It was neat to reconnect with her and hear about all that's going on where she is at.

Sunday morning one of the missionaries spoke, and we sat through both services. Monday night there was a leadership meeting that Matt and I attended (more about that later). Tuesday night was a men's dinner that Matt went to. Wednesday night was family night, so we all went to that. Then next Sunday it will be two services for us again, and then a farewell dinner afterwards for our missionary friend.

3. Monday night when we went to the leadership meeting, they didn't provide childcare. We had decided beforehand that we'd try to get a babysitter, but if that didn't work Matt would go alone. We felt one of us really needed to be there. But we have never left Zachariah home with a babysitter!

We called a girl who we know well. She has stayed here when her foster mom needs to go out of town overnight. She has known me for years through the center where I tutor. And she has known Zachariah since he was born. When she stayed here last time, I asked her if she ever babysat. She said she did, so I told her we'd probably call her sometime. She's a sweet girl, great with Zachariah, and we trust her very much.

So she was able to come and watch Zachariah for us, and Matt and I were both able to get to the meeting. Yeah. And Zachariah couldn't stop talking about the things he did with her. He loved it.

4. Someone remind me to share the cake recipe I made to take to that meeting. Sarah, it doesn't have dairy in it!

5. Zachariah's birthday is coming up very quickly. Next Tuesday to be exact. We're planning a party for next Saturday. Fortunately my parents are hosting it at their house. It's so much closer to the rest of the family to do it there, and they have a lot more room in their house. We did that last year, and it worked out really well.

My mom has offered to make the food for lunch. And I'm going to let her. That's a lot less for me to do.

Now I just need to get Zachariah to decide on a cake. I don't think he really cares too much. He wants everything he sees. So, I'm thinking about a doggy cake. He liked it, and I think it's cute. We'll see.

We'd also like to do something with him on his birthday. We'll probably take him out for supper. Last year I took him to Toys R Us to look around and play with the trains. Plus they give him a balloon and special cart on his birthday.

I also don't know what to get him. I think my parents are going to look for a b-i-k-e for him. I might do some arts and crafts things. And I want to look for some little Bob the Builder toys that he'd like.

6. I just got this package:

I need to host some DVD giveaways and soon! I have a bunch that need to go.

7. I know I had more to say, but I forget what. So, go! And have a great weekend.


Jana said...

You had a really busy week! I'm so glad your drywall is done - that stuff is such a pain. You have to post pics when you've got it all painted (because I'm just nosy that way!). What a cute pic of your little guy at the end....I can't believe his b-day is next week!

Cherish said...

Wow, thats a lot of stuff going on in one week! Its so hard to keep track of all the little things sometimes, ya know?

Happy birthday to little Zachariah!

d e v a n said...

Phew! Busy week!! Cute pic. lol

Nowheymama said...

You could always do a tractor cake like we did for the birthday. :)

Speaking of cake, can't wait to read the recipe!

*giggling at photo*

Shelly Overlook said...

That picture just totally made my day!

Kelsey said...

That picture made me smile!

The Amazing Trips said...

That last picture... HA!! I'm sure his future wife will especially love it!!

Thank you so much for posting our button on your blog and helping to spread the word!!

desperate housewife said...

Boy can I sympathize on the drywall dust issue! Took me a WEEK to get our house cleaned up. And even when you think it's clean, it resettles the next day! But, worth it. I'm so happy your project is finished, too! You're more patient than I am- I was tearing my hair out after eight months; you lasted over a year!