Thursday, January 8, 2009

How it went down...and up

So my husband has been at his job for over 10 years now. He's young, he started young, he can retire early if he stays there. It's a good job. It pays decent. The benefits are nice. He's happy there.

The problem with his job is that there is no room for advancement. He works on the computer systems, and there is only one other person who does that too. That person is *Tom, and Tom is my husband's supervisor. They are the only two in their department. Tom has only been working there 5 years longer than my husband. His only hope for advancement was if Tom left or when Tom retires, but that's a ways off.

On Tuesday Tom left. He "resigned". My husband knew it was coming. He was waiting to see how things would actually happen. And then he had to make sure that everything is cleaned up (so to speak) after Tom left. That's what he's been dealing with this week.

The waiting and anticipation has been stressful. Tom's leaving was stressful. This is a guy he's worked with for many years and gotten to know very well. They've gotten together outside of work many times. And just knowing he's gone is tough (especially in the economy we have right now).

The rest of the week has been stressful just dealing with the changes and things that need done too.

But through all of this, we are excited. My husband has been promoted to Tom's position. It's considered a management position and it brings more money for us. Right now he's not in charge of anyone else, but eventually they may hire someone under him to help out.

So, the good news is my husband got a promotion and raise. He's also been promised step raises to bring him up more. It's been a pretty significant raise too, so we're excited at the possibilities that brings.

All these years at the same job, and it finally feels like he's going somewhere. It's a great place to be.

And now I think you all know enough about what's going on around here. Feel free to ask questions. I'll answer them through e-mail. Thanks for your interest and support. We're happy that things are over and really looking up.

*I have changed names/not written names to protect the people in this story. If you need clarification, please ask.


Nowheymama said...


jen said...

congratulations to him!

I kept waiting for some glitch, like they wouldn't promote him, or they hired someone else, etc lol... I'm glad it worked out for you guys!

d e v a n said...


Alli said...

Awesome!! Congratulations! My hubby was at a job like that for a while with no opportunity for advancement and he ended up just leaving. Glad it all worked out for your hubby, but I'm sorry the road to get there was stressful for you all.

Cherish said...

Congrats! Im really excited for you and your husband. Its too bad that it was so stressful waiting but it sounds like it will be a really good thing.

Jana said...

That's wonderful! I'm sorry there was stress involved, but it sounds like everything will work out in the end. My hubby was in a similar situation at his old job (and was very overworked, to boot). After he left, he found out they hired 3 people to replace him!