Friday, August 3, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

I actually do think about blogging here from time to time. It just never seems to happen. ;)

How have you all been? I feel a little disconnected. I do appreciate those of you who are on Twitter a lot, because I am too. Then I know what's going on from day to day. Not that my life is really that exciting. It has been a really busy summer, though. Here are some of the highlights.

End of school (Zachariah finished Kindergarten)
Vacation (Panama City Beach, FL)
Power outage (3 full days!)
My birthday (32!)
Week with my parents (due to power outage & stayed for 4th of July)
Tearing out & putting in new kitchen flooring (still not quiet finished)
Got a new camera (Nikon 5100)
Anniversary trip (12 years ... Shipshewana, IN)

That pretty much brings us to the present. The t-ball season is finally over. It got drug out an extra week due to one week of high temperatures and storms that cancelled all the games. This makes it seem less hectic, since we don't have to be away several evenings each week.

Matt's been riding his new bicycle a lot this summer. He's participated in a few charity bike rides and other things too. This weekend he's riding 50 miles in a local ride. He enjoys it, but he's usually beat after all that riding.

Zachariah is enjoying the summer. We've managed to squeeze in trips to parks, movie theaters, and much more since he's been out of school. I can't believe that he's finished with Kindergarten and starts first grade in about 3 weeks. We've been stocking up on supplies and looking for new clothes to start the year. (His shirts that fit a few months ago are suddenly too short on him!)

And right now we have lots to look forward to. Some other trips we'd like to take. School starting. Family happenings. A camp-out reunion next weekend and more!

I know I'm busy with my other blog - PS Mom Reviews, but I'm going to try to post here a little more. Be sure to check back, so I can share other things going on. How has your summer been? What's been your favorite part?

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