Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I didn't sit down intending to write a blog post, so we'll see where this goes. Life has been pretty busy lately. I feel like the last week or so was a whirlwind. It's just the little things that add up. But all is good.


The Screen Free challenge we did went well. I plan to write about that on my other blog soon. I've already noticed differences in our routines without those distractions around. Are we (I really mean Zachariah here) watching TV/playing video games again? Yes, but definitely way more limited.


Kindergarten! Yikes! This might deserve a post of it's own. I can say...it's coming soon. We're in the midst of preparing for it. I'm proud and nervous all at once.


On a related note, I was reading a book with Zachariah last night before bed. It was a simple book to help young readers that we got from the library. I know he can read certain words, but he surprised me last night. I would point to words that I thought maybe he would know. For instance I tried "go", "is", "are", etc. These are just simple sight words. He's pretty good at sounding out bigger words too. But he knew almost all the little words I asked him. I was seriously surprised. It's just that this is the first time he's "read" them to me like that with no hesitation. My little guy is growing up.


How was your Easter? Ours was nice. We had a great church service, then I made dinner and Matt's parents came over. I wasn't planning anything until early last week. I decided I'd just make a small ham for just us. I couldn't help it, I wanted ham on Easter. If I was going to make ham, I may as well make a meal out of it. So I got things to make ham, cheesy potatoes, rolls, deviled eggs, and no bake cherry cheesecake, plus we already made Easter cookies. When I realized how much food that was, I knew we wouldn't eat it all. Matt's parents don't generally do anything for Easter, so we called to see if they wanted to come over. It worked out well that their church was over in time and they came to join us. They brought along broccoli salad and sugar cream pie. Every thing was great, and we had just enough leftovers.

Zachariah enjoyed hunting for Easter eggs when he woke up in the morning. And this is the first year that I hid his basket (a tradition my parents always did). He loved trying to find it. (I made it easy this year...next year it's on!) And to continue another Easter tradition of my mom's, I got him pajamas. Fun!

Tell me about your Easter traditions.


d e v a n said...

Sounds like a nice Easter! We don't hide baskets, but it sounds like fun whenever I hear of others doing it!

Anonymous said...

Wir hatten auch ein wunderschönes Ostern, Die Sonne lachte vom Himmel und viele Menschen waren unterwegsin der Natur.
Hier ist es Brauch, das die Ostereier versteckt werden und die Kinder sie suchen müssen. Das ist für die Familie immer ein richtiger Spaß, wer einen Garten hat versteckt die Eier dort, oder bei einem Spaziergang durch den Wald.
Die Kinder können nicht genug davon bekommen.

Nik-Nak said...

We had a great Easter as well. We had a big lunch at my mom's then a huge Easter egg hunt for the little ones. I managed to get to all the chocolate before my daughter so my day turned out pretty good.

Kelsey said...

The reading thing is so much fun - you are just getting started!

We hid baskets too and ours were hidden when we were kids. Glad you had a good Easter!

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