Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shopping Trip at Old Navy

Guess what we did earlier this week? We went to Old Navy. They are having great sales on summer clothes, starting to bring in fall items, and giving out tons of coupons online.

Have you heard of It's a new website that Old Navy opened. They are giving away lots of great coupons on there. They are always limited, though. But we have heard of people getting up to $75 off a $100 purchase coupons and % off ones too.

Matt was lucky enough to win a coupon from a giveaway on a blog. We got $65 off a $100 purchase. So off to Old Navy we went. (Too bad we couldn't use it online, they don't carry plus-sizes for me in the store.) We only spent $40 and got a ton of clothes (mostly for the kid).

So here are the things we purchased. As you can see already most of it was for Zachariah. He's the one who goes through clothes the fastest around here, so it was a great time to stock up on some things for him. But I did manage to get some new flip-flops, and Matt found a pair of comfy pants.
For Zachariah- a few warm things for this winter (3T sized clothes):

And a few things in the next size up for next summer (4T sizes):

Some pants in the next size that are a tiny bit long right now, but everything else is short or getting short on him. (These are 4T for my tall boy.)

And some shirts that will fit now, but are big enough to last a while. (These are all 3T, Old Navy shirts fit him a little big.)

This I've already shown, but it's so cute together. I picked up the pants, because they were cheap on clearance (and the way we go through pants around here he could use more). I was a little worried about finding things to match the green pants later on...until I spotted this shirt. Adorable!

Next time...Zachariah models these items for your viewing pleasure.


Nowheymama said...

I love that camp shirt!

Melissa said...

The shirts are too cute, "Mom's Main Squeeze", "Camp Runamok", "Lil' Kahuna", "Mom's half pipe, half pint" Hahahaha

Gotta see the last outfit on the little man!

Ps. The bag didn't look that big, you got a lot of clothes in that little bag :D

Saly said...

SCORE!! I just got a Halloween shirt for Liv for $.47 and a cute t-shirt for $.97.